Biblical teaching today suffers from many maladies. Not the least of which is a fundamental failure to accurately teach the text of scriptures.

It is my desire to accurately teach the Scriptures so as to build confidence in the Word of God, and to strengthen believers, and to reason with the gainsayers(skeptics).

God’s Word is sufficient for all of life’s spiritual needs, and gives us insight in how to live our daily lives in a way that is just, equitable, and ethical. There is no other book in the history of man that makes the claims that the Scriptures make.

There are just two choices, either the Word of God is all that it claims and we can have supreme confidence in its sole author. This choice leads to hope. Or, the Word of God is a fake, and fraudulent which then leaves us in a state of utter hopelessness.

Your choice, but choose wisely!

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